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An interactive, autism-friendly crisp sandwich cafe show is coming to Manchester

You can make your own crisp sandwiches here.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 4th August 2021

“I’d love to start the crisp sandwich revolution,” extols Matthew Rawcliffe as he lays out the concept behind his new crisp sandwich cafe show, which lands in Manchester next week.

The award-winning contemporary dancer has put together a heart-warming ‘crisp sandwich cafe’ show that will take place at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel next week.

Set inside a crisp butty venue, the show tells a story about the current state of our planet through the lens of crisp sandwiches – and it’s all designed to be autism-friendly.

The ‘crisp sandwich cafe’ show will take place at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

Throughout the performance, issues like the climate crisis and Brexit are tackled through the medium of crisps; so guests will hear Boris Johnson talk about what Brexit means for the future of cheese and onion crisps, and learn about the climate crisis through an imaginary ‘crisis crackers’ crisp brand.

Adjacent to the performance there will also be a quiet breakout space for autistic attendees if they need a second away. There’ll be some sensory activities to take part in, too – including the chance to make your very own crisp sandwich.


Speaking on the idea for the show and the crisp sandwich theme, Matthew explains: “It was just something that feels very nostalgic and northern and also a really unusual setting to stage a contemporary dance show which looks at the climate crisis – and I hope that’s a great thing, I’d love to start the crisp sandwich revolution.”

Matthew Rawcliffe says he would “love to start the crisp sandwich revolution”.

The 22-year-old has worked with autistic people in the creation of The Crisp Sandwich Café, including autistic contemporary dancer Paul Davidson Natt from the National Youth Dance Company – a former student at the National Autistic Society’s Sybil Elgar School.


Featuring autism-friendly dance performances and costumes made from recycled plastic waste, courtesy of Manchester-based sustainable dancewear brand, Imperfect Pointes, the show is suitable for autistic people aged 14 to 24.

Hosted at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, there will be five shows running from Monday 9 August to Wednesday 11 August.

These will take place on Monday 9 August at 2pm or 4pm, Tuesday 10 August at 2pm or 4pm, and Wednesday 11 August, at 7pm.

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