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New ‘hobby house’ with loads of FREE crafty workshops opens in Manchester city centre

There's so much to get stuck into.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 28th February 2024

A new ‘hobby house’ with loads of FREE creative and crafty workshops to attend has just opened in Manchester.

Having opened down at Manchester’s growing neighbourhood, NOMA, the innovative new concept is called Altogether Otherwise, and is setting out to provide the Greater Manchester public with a welcome relief from all the demands and fast-paced culture of city centre life that we’ve, sadly, all become so used to.

Dubbed a ‘hobby house’, Altogether Otherwise is a “place to pursue creativity” and a chance to explore and get stuck into some new activities, all while bumping into like-minded people in an ever-changing gathering space.  

An exciting lineup of workshops and events that are free to attend have also been announced.

Altogether Otherwise has seen a former disused printing house on Hanover Street in NOMA be transformed into 6,500 sq ft community space that’s open daily to the public.


Visitors can either step straight off the pavement into a welcoming front-of-house shop, or make their way through into a large workshop that’s apparently meant to offer “endless possibilities for making and meeting”.

On top of this, there’s also be a larger ‘village hall’-style space that’s dedicated to hosting participatory events and activities.  


Pottery workshops, woodwork classes, mushroom growing sessions, an evening gardening club, sewing and knitting groups, running teams, and a book club are just some of the exciting interactive events already planned in the calendar for when the new space.

‘Altogether Otherwise’ is the latest venture for creative urbanist Ben Young / Credit: Supplied

‘Altogether Otherwise’ is the latest venture for creative urbanist Ben Young, and is a culmination of a decade of building a participatory neighbourhood down at NOMA.

Ben Young has described the new concept as a place where be people can “simply be”.


“Altogether Otherwise provides an escape from the results-orientated efficiency that has infiltrated every part of our lives,” he commented. “We’re providing a place to simply be, without having to justify or account for ourselves, as the hobbies we encourage are free-wheeling pursuits of aimless pleasure which act as a much-needed salve for a world dominated by achievement. 

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Altogether Otherwise is now open down at NOMA, so if you’re keen to join in with upcoming events, keep your eyes peeled for dates being announced soon.

You can find more information on signing-up and taking part here.

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