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There’s a huge cheese and wine crawl happening across Manchester city centre

Manchester’s finest cheeses are being wrapped up into a two-hour walking tour.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 25th January 2022

In what is undeniably the stuff of dreams for cheese lovers, you can now take part in a cheese and wine crawl around Manchester city centre this year.

Manchester is city that’s packed with culture.

But if you don’t fancy seeing the sights through one of the more typical tours, The Manchester Cheese Crawl will take you around some of the cheesiest spots the city has to offer for two hours of non-stop cheese-related fun – including everything from blue cheese tasting, to cheese quizzes, competitions, and more.

Beginning this Friday 28 January, the events will be taking place at both 12pm and 3pm every Friday and Saturday throughout 2022.

The pun-filled description for The Manchester Cheese Crawl reads: “Calling all curd nerds and turophiles, Manchester’s finest cheeses are being wrapped up into a two-hour walking tour.


“The crawl is two hours of non stop in-curd-edible action.

“It will be packed full of Manchester’s brie-liant cheeses, with very mature fun facts, and the chance to heckle your quizmaster with your favourite cheese puns that will have your group crumbling faster than a Wensleydale.


“Meanwhile you feta believe you’ll learn a bit about cheese making, and be introduced to some cheese mongers and shops you just camembert to stay away from”.

Cheese lovers attending the Manchester Cheese Crawl will need to meet at the Richard Cobden statue in St Ann’s Square, where the tour will begin, all before wandering across the city to try the finest cheeses Manchester has to offer, and eventually ending up on Tib Street in the heart of the Northern Quarter.

Tickets cost just £25 each, and include cheese samples, optional bread and crackers, and some red wine to complement.


You can grab your tickets here.

Featured Image – Flickr