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You can get a free therapy session in Manchester on World Mental Health Awareness Day 2022

Self Space are running free sessions

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 4th October 2022

Monday will mark World Mental Health Awareness Day 2022, and a new high street mental health service will be offering free therapy sessions here in Manchester.

Locals will be able to spend 30 minutes with Self Space’s qualified experts, to reflect, reconnect, and maybe just find out what therapy is all about.

The free sessions will be taking place at Feel Good Club in the Northern Quarter, a cafe that was set up with a focus on well-being (as well as belting sandwiches).

Self Space itself was founded in 2019 and has just expanded into Manchester, with four stylish and welcoming therapy rooms in Ducie House. 

The aim is to create a simple, straightforward, modern and flexible approach to therapy. 


Founder Jodie Cariss says she wants to make therapy as ‘everyday as going to the gym, getting a haircut or grabbing a coffee’. 

There are loads of barriers and reasons that prevent people from seeking mental health help, whether it’s long waiting lists or expensive therapy sessions.


At conventional mental health services, there’s an average waitlist of four months.

But at Self Space’s high street therapy centres – in London, Brighton, and now another here in Manchester – you can see a therapist the same day as booking, seven days a week. 

A 70-strong clinical team of multi-disciplined therapists makes it all possible. 


And that’s another thing that sets Self Space apart – you can be paired with a therapist that is the right fit for you using their free therapist-matching service, saving you scrolling endlessly through directories. 

There are other barriers standing between people and the mental health help they need, beyond the logistics of actually getting an appointment.

Some people will be put off by the fear of the unknown. Others might not feel ‘low enough’ to seek professional advice.

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The pop-up therapy sessions will open the door to the benefits of seeking professional help.


One in four of us will experience a mental health condition at some point in our lives, so the free Self Space pop-up is a brilliant chance to see how you can arm yourself with the tools and professional help that could make the world of difference. 

Their therapy sessions encourage a Mental Maintenance approach which will support you when life gets a bit messy, whether it’s burnout, stress, anxiety, grief or something else.

The pop-up, free therapy sessions will take place at Feel Good Club in the Northern Quarter in Manchester on Monday 10 October. You can book your session here.

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