Dive bar is extending its 50% off January offer until the end of February

Those delightful early year discounts are all but over, as restaurants anticipate the return of the Dry January crowd. 

At least, that's the case for most places.

At Dive NQ, on the other hand, great deals are still alive and kicking. For another month.

Tib Street's spacious subterranean bar is stretching its 50% off mouth-watering Asian street food by Zumu (which has been earning rave reviews around town) right up until the end of Feb.

Dive has made the deal applicable all day, every day... but they've got another concession up their sleeve as well.

During February only, there'll be special Dive cards up for grabs.

These magic pieces of plastic give you 30% off food throughout the rest of 2020 and a 40% discount until the end of April.

Getting one is easy as well. All you need to do is book a meal at Dive next month, ask to sign up with your email address, and staff will sort you out with a little rectangle that entitles you to cheaper grub all year.

Who says February has to be cold and cruel?

For all the sushi, bao buns, rice and wings you can manage at deliciously low prices, head over to Dive's website.

You can book a table right now by pinging over a reservation request to emailus@divenq.co.uk – and make sure you quote MANC50 when you do so.

Looks like that lowly bank balance is going to take you further than you thought after all...

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