Parmogeddon is taking over Northern Monk in the Northern Quarter

Northern Monk MCR

Parmogeddon has found another place to call home.

Popular parmo magicians Parmogeddon will be taking over the Northern Quarter very soon and we can’t wait.

Parmogeddon will be serving up their take on the ever popular North Eastern delicacy right from the kitchen of the Northern Monk Refectory MCR for a two month residency from 31st March - 30th May 2020.

Northern Monk Refectory MCR is located in the heart of the Northern Quarter on Tariff Street and is open seven days a week.

Parmogeddon is run by parmo loving duo, Middlesbrough born and bred chef, Kyle and fellow northerner, Ellie.

If you're unsure what a parmo is, let us tell you.

It's fried chicken goodness, covered in a rich, creamy béchamel sauce, topped with a serious helping of cheese and shoved under the grill until melted and gooey.

Parmogeddon is known to do things a little differently though, putting their own unique spin on the traditional recipe.

Speaking of the move, Ellie said:
The residency at Northern Monk is something we’ve always wanted to do, we love the beers and the refectory. When we applied for [the residency], we weren’t really expecting to get the opportunity to trade there as we are still such a new business and they’ve had some really amazing traders. It was always a bit of a pipe dream to bring this native dish to Manchester and beyond. Last year we finally took the plunge and it’s safe to say that people of Manchester really do love a Parmo!”

Don’t worry though Manchester, you’ll still be able to get your parmo fix from Parmogeddon’s home at Hatch, but this exciting news means you’ll just be able to get double helpings when their Northern Monk kitchen takeover begins at the end of the month.

It’s true, us Mancs really do love a parmo - bring on 30th March!

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