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Three Must-See Places in Manchester

Once a settlement around a Roman fort, today it is a bustling city that has survived terrorist attacks and economic downturns.

The Manc The Manc - 25th June 2021

The English city of Manchester is called the treasure of the north.

Perhaps this statement is a little exaggerated, but everyone who has been there in person will definitely confirm that this is a very pleasant city that has something to offer tourists. Once a settlement around a Roman fort, today it is a bustling city that has survived terrorist attacks and economic downturns. 

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1. Manchester Town Hall

The Town Hall, built in 1877 by Alfred Waterhouse, is a stunning example of the Victorian era. As the main building of the Manchester City Council, which still houses many of the city’s offices, this building is striking in its beauty both outside and inside. Waterhouse gave the building a neo-Gothic style, taking elements of the early 13th century Gothic. Today, the town hall is considered one of the finest examples of the Victorian neo-Gothic style. The large hall is decorated with high arches inside, and the names of mayors, lord mayors, and consuls are engraved on the skylights. No tourist has yet passed by a delightful castle with a rich history.

2. Imperial War Museum North

As a complement to the Imperial Museum in London, the North Museum stands out for its strong emphasis on art. The museum is dedicated to researching the impact of modern conflicts on people and society. The original building of the museum is located in a beautiful area overlooking the Manchester Canal, which during the Second World War was a leading industrial center, which was bombed in 1940.

3. Old Trafford

The grandiose park, located on the outskirts of Manchester, is famous for the fact that on its territory the famous stadium of the world-famous football club Manchester United, as well as a cricket field, so (unless of course, you hate Manchester United) you just need to visit the stadium – the second largest in the United Kingdom, with a capacity of 75,635 people. No wonder the stadium is called the “Theater of Dreams”! Every fan’s dreams can come true – special tours include a visit to the Manchester United Museum and Mega market, guided by a former club player!