Manchester bass music promotors Hit & Run launch new streaming platform

The bass music heavy hitters have come up with a brand-new way to supply us with tunes.

Hannah Starkie Hannah Starkie - 20th January 2021

Known for their bass-centric events, Hit & Run has been serving Manchester with the heaviest and filthiest beats for the past 13 years.

Now, with the reputation of being the most well-respected drum and bass promotors in the city, they’ve come up with a new way to continue their legacy – Hit & Run TV.

When it was revealed we could no longer get sweaty together on the dancefloor, Hit & Run’s boss Rich Reason turned to livestreaming, like much of the industry during lockdown.

For the past few months his team has been working on setting up a Twitch channel to continue supplying us with our drum and bass fix.

But just as they were finding their feet, Twitch told them the rules were changing. Now streaming music on the platform isn’t so straightforward.


Copyright is a big concern with using people’s music on streams and videos. Often, popular sites take down content they deem to be a potential breach. 

So, all this got Rich thinking: even though DJs have been streaming sets and keeping the scene alive since Lockdown One, the social media platforms are the ones reaping revenue from the stream’s advertising. 


The team have taken matters into their own hands to remove the middleman. So, they’ve set up their own website, bought a PRS license and booked a load of acts.

And tonight, they launch Hit & Run TV.

With the license, DJs can play the music they want, without the risk of being muted or the stream being pulled down. Every song that’s played is logged this way, meaning artists receive their share too. There’ll be no annoying ads half-way through either. The rave can go on uninterrupted and uncensored. At last!


Each stream will come live and direct from the Neuron Pro stage and is completely free to watch for one week. After that, a £3 a month subscription will grant you unlimited access to previous streams from the Hit & Run TV library, whenever you like. 

Also, there’ll be a monthly draw for subscribers to win a pass to all Hit & Run events for a full year.

The team reckon they could be the first ones to give this format a go. We can’t wait to see what they do with it.

The first one is tonight. So, if you need a rave, get involved here.