Watch the moment the Kings of Leon fans learned of the England score mid-gig at Co-op Live

Alternative but still absolutely wonderful scenes.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 11th July 2024

When we tell you our stress levels were through the roof when we realised Kings of Leon’s gig at Co-op Live was happening on the same day as England’s Euro 2024 semi-final against the Netherlands, we’re not exaggerating.

Then came the dilemma of actually having to get through the show knowing the game was playing somewhere else just out of sight but very much not out of mind.

We’re sure many people faced the same conundrum at the start of this week and that some probably even reluctantly sold their tickets, but since this was a bit of a bucket list gig for us, we clung on in the faith that they’d make it through and just kept every possible digit crossed.

So, when a sudden wave of cheers began coursing through the crowd and we realised not only were England still in it but they had scored a last-minute winner, the sheer joy and relief was something else — and to the Kings of Leon lads, they have no idea how grateful we were for this moment:

And yes, that is us screaming.


We’re pretty sure KoL were fully aware that a rather big game was going on in the background but there was no mention of it from English indie veterans, The Vaccines, who did a great job opening up as the solo support act, nor at any point during the gig itself.

That being said, the Tennesse rockers’ set was pretty non-stop, so there was very little room for any banter with the crowd and most people like us were just trying to shut off that part of their brain that knew Gareth Southgate’s side were just one step away from a second Euros final.


Safe to say that when we heard the full-time whistle had blown and there was nothing left to fret about (you know, other than an even more stressful game on Sunday…), it made the rest of the set.

Cue what we’re now dubbing as yet another unofficial England anthem:

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It wasn’t exactly how we expected or intended to experience the Three Lions marking yet another historic moment for the nation but we’re just glad we all got through it and it’s certainly a night we’ll never forget.


Oh yeah, and we can promise you we won’t be making room for any other plans whatsoever other than watching the final this weekend.

Come on, England – let’s bring it home and we’ll all have a big sing-song in the streets to ‘Use Somebody’, ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘Sex On Fire’ and all the hits.

We’ll get them out on Stevenson Square with us – it’ll be great.

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