Kings of Leon at Co-op Live – tickets, support acts, stage times, setlist and more

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Danny Jones Danny Jones - 8th July 2024

Another big name rocks up for another big night at the Co-op Live arena this week as Kings of Leon’s latest tour brings them to Manchester on Wednesday, 10 July.

The Tennessee band have long felt like the underdogs of the alternative, indie and Southern rock scene, especially back in their early days when few artists straddled all those genres at the same time, but now they’re probably one of the best-known bands on the planet, and rightly so.

Don’t get us wrong, we all know these lads have had some massive tunes over the years (none bigger than that one, of course) not to mention so many huge festival and arena notches on their belt, but it never feels like they quite get the legendary status that many fans feel they deserve – us included.

Co-op Live certainly seem to get it, anyway, as you don’t secure a spot at the biggest indoor entertainment venue in Europe without being a big-name act and with thousands set to pour into the arena, here’s everything you need to know about Kings of Leon’s massive Manchester gig.

Are there tickets left for Kings of Leon in Manchester?

Now, if you were looking to grab a last-minute ticket to see Kings of Leon in Manchester, you’re in luck because there just so happens to be a few spots left and they’re in the best bit: standing.


Yes, while the Co-op Live seating has all been taken up, if your knees are still working/you prefer to be in the mixer anyway, there are standing KoL tickets still up for grabs.

Naturally, with a concert of this size, they’re not the cheapest; general admission will set you back £79.70 including fees if you want to snap them up, but we’d be quick about it as they won’t last long. You can grab yours HERE.


Support acts

If you’ve already sorted a ticket, you’re getting pretty good bang for your buck too; when you’re a name as big as Kings of Leon, you can command some serious pull when it comes to who you want to support you on tour.

For the Can We Please Have Fun tour, for instance, Manchester will be treated to fellow indie veterans The Vaccines, known for hits like ‘If You Wanna’, ‘Norgaard’, ‘Wetsuit’, ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ and many more.

The kings might have another decade on these lads in terms of staying power but The Vaccines still sell out big venues all over the UK and Europe in their own right (plus they literally just smashed Glasto), so we’re buzzing that they’ll be sharing the stage with the Nashville veterans on the same night.


Stage times

Now, speaking of the stage, we can only give you a rough idea of the set times given that the final details haven’t been fully confirmed yet, but if you’re a regular gig-goer we’re sure you can have a pretty good guess and what the running order looks like.

As per the Co-op Live’s schedule, doors are set to open from 6:30pm with the show set to start at 7:30pm, meaning you’ll likely have an hour of Vaccines tunes to enjoy and then a 30-minute break for you to go and get another drink or a snack, nip to the loo, grab some merch and so on.

We’re expecting Kings of Leon to take the stage in Manchester at around 9pm and since the arena’s curfew is 11pm, you can expect a two-hour show or a running time very close to that at least.

The Can We Please Have Fun tour setlist

As for what you’ll be hearing, while we’ve seen some variation in the Kings of Leon’s 2024 setlist in Europe thus far, it is pretty consistent throughout for the majority, so we shouldn’t be too far off here.

The one trend we have noticed is that the four-piece sometimes switches up their opener, with ‘Set It Off’ and new track ‘Rainbow Ball’ having both been in the mix but, by and large, they mostly stick with the first track on their ninth studio album, ‘Ballerina Radio’.


Here’s how the rest of it looks judging by their most recent shows in the UK and according to

  1. Ballerina Radio
  2. On Call
  3. The Bucket
  4. Taper Jean Girl
  5. Manhattan
  6. Revelry
  7. Nothing to Do
  8. My Party
  9. Sex on Fire
  10. Don’t Stop the Bleeding
  11. Comeback Story
  12. Pyro
  13. Mustang
  14. Molly’s Chambers
  15. Milk
  16. Arizona
  17. Back Down South
  18. Nowhere to Run
  19. King of the Rodeo
  20. Wait for Me
  21. Split Screen
  22. The Bandit
  23. Find Me
  24. Closer
  25. Seen


  • Rainbow Ball
  • Waste a Moment
  • Use Somebody

Unsurprisingly, it’s been going down a storm.

How to get to Co-op Live – travel info, parking etc.


Now, as for how you’ll get to shows at Co-op Live, luckily it’s right next door to a rather famous big blue stadium and its integrated Metrolink stop.

Head along the light blue or orange lines directly to the Etihad Campus or Ashton-under-Lyne and you can get off the tram literally spitting distance from the arena. You can find the full map HERE.


Trams run frequently on the Ashton-Eccles line to the Etihad stop, with services leaving every six minutes from the city centre and until 01:00 on Fridays and Saturdays.


If you want to take another new and improved arm of Manchester’s public transport system, not only is there a whole host of routes that drop you off close to the venue.

You can find the full list of bus routes HERE, with the one in closest proximity to the venue being the 53 bus which runs from Cheetham Hill through to Higher Crumpsall, Old Trafford and Pendleton, leaving just a two-minute walk to Co-op Live. You also get free Bee Network travel with any valid event ticket.

A nice bonus to make life easier for those heading to Kings of Leon in Manchester this week.

Getting there by car and parking

If you’re driving, there is limited parking available at the venue but this must be pre-booked ahead of time and there are designated drop-off areas.

The postcode is M11 3DU and you can follow the signs towards the wider Etihad Campus as you get closer; directions to the adjacent drop-off points will also be signposted.


Keep in mind that congestion on the roads close to the stadium is expected to gather around two hours prior to any event, so if you are travelling on the road, these are the suggested times they provide come event day – though estimates will obviously vary:

  • Alan Turing Way (both directions): plan an additional 20 minutes into any journey by road.
  • Hyde Road (eastbound): expect an additional 15 minutes to be added to your journey.
  • Mancunian Way (westbound): plan for an extra 10 minutes of travel time.

There are also three park-and-ride facilities near Co-op Live but be advised that the Velopark and Holt Town stops will be closed post-event to help safely manage crowds:

  • Ashton Moss (Ashton line) – 183 spaces and 12 disabled spaces
  • Ashton West (Ashton line) – 184 spaces and 11 disabled spaces
  • Ladywell (Ashton-Eccles line) – 332 spaces and 22 disabled spaces


Lastly, Co-op Live is only a half-hour stroll from Manchester Piccadilly. Greater Manchester now also offers the option to hire bikes through the Beryl, with riders able to locate, unlock, get to their destination and then safely lock up the boke all through an easy-to-use app.

There are hire points just near the south-west corner of the Etihad Stadium on Ashton New Road. For more information on all travel options, you can check out the enhanced journey planner.

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And that should be just about everything you need to know about Kings of Leon at the Co-op Live and their highly-anticipated return to Manchester.


See you there!

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