We found a Japanese Oasis tribute band on TikTok — and they’re actually mint

They might live 'Half the World Away', but they’re welcome in any Manc gig venue they want as far as we're concerned.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 19th November 2023

We can hope and dream all we like but the sad truth is, so long as those Gallagher boys keep marding with each other, Oasis are never getting back together then again, ever since we stumbled across a dedicated Japanese tribute band, we’re not sure we even need a reunion now.

You’ll find plenty of drunken dads doing their best Liam impression at karaoke up and down the country and countless more screaming the words to ‘Wonderwall’ most weekends all over the globe, let alone in Manchester, but we’ll admit we never expected to waste hours of our life watching a Japanese Oasis tribute band on TikTok.

The difference is, while most of us regularly butcher tracks by the legendary ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ stars, this tribute act from Japan might just be the closest thing to an authentic-sounding Oasis band you’ll find beyond hearing Noel and Liam performing the hits solo — which we all know isn’t quite the same.

Although they might be mostly limited to performances at various venues in and around Tokyo, after watching a few videos we’re determined to make them one of the biggest household names since, well, Oasis.

@otasis_japan – LIVE INFO – *Japanese followed by English [JP] MUSIC LIFE CLUB発足5周年記念The Greatest Rocks ~For The Beatles, Oasis Lovers~にotasisが出演決定! 日時:6月24日(土)開場18:00、開演18:30 会場:渋谷 Club Rosso 出演:otasis (tribute to Oasis) / The Beatmasters (tribute to The Beatles) トークショー:矢口清治(ラジオDJ) 料金:前売り¥3,500 当日¥4,000 (共に1drink別) 特別協力:(株)シンコーミュージック・エンタテイメント チケット予約はこちらから [ENG] otasis will perform at The Greatest Rocks – For The Beatles, Oasis Lovers – to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the foundation of MUSIC LIFE CLUB! Date & time: 24th June 2023(Sat), doors open 6:00pm, show starts 6:30pm Venue: Club Rosso (Shibuya, Tokyo) Performer: otasis (tribute to Oasis) / The Beatmasters (tribute to The Beatles) Talk show personality: Kiyoharu Yaguchi (Radio DJ) Tickets: ¥3,500 (rsvd) / ¥4,000 (on the day) – Exc 1drink Special cooperation: Shinko Music Entertainment Co. Click the link below to book tickets. #oasis #オアシス #live ♬ オリジナル楽曲 – otasis (Oasis Tribute Band)

Simply called Otasis, the five-piece doesn’t just play virtually every track the original Britpop icons ever produced and a few Beatles tunes for good measure, they go for the full shebang.


We don’t just mean the ‘Liam Gallagher lean’ and round sunglasses; we’re talking the sideburn-heavy ‘Wellend’ haircuts, the parkas and Stone Island jackets zipped up all the way to the top, tambourines, bucket hats — the lot.

The 90s fashion might still be something you see quite regularly around 0161 and we’ve all seen someone stand over a mic like the great LG, but when you put it all together with some genuine talent, you can’t argue with the results.


It’s not just a pale, amusing imitation either: from the unmistakable Liam whine to the natural and almost effortless guitar playing that Noel epitomises, they seem to have it all down pat. The lead singer even throws in the odd City shirt for good measure.


【 #oasis V.S. #Radiohead Tribute Live 開催決定!】 2023年11月3日 (金・祝日) 開場 6:00pm / 開演 6:30pm @渋谷 Club Rosso 出演: otasis / 無線頭-musen's (tribute to Radiohead) 料金: 前売 3,500円 / 当日 4,000円 (+1drink) チケット予約はメッセージにて! #オアシス #レディオヘッド #music #洋楽 #90s #イギリス #liamgallagher #noelgallagher #リアムギャラガー #ノエルギャラガー #UK #otasis #オタシス #livemusic #コピー

♬ オリジナル楽曲 – otasis (Oasis Tribute Band)

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These lads are the self-proclaimed ‘best Oasis band in Japan’ but we dare say they’re one the best we’ve ever come across full stop.

We sincerely hope they go viral sometime soon and start booking gigs all across the globe, as well as make their way over to Manchester one day too, of course — you just know it would absolutely go off.


Should that day ever come, Otasis, you better reserve us a spot on the guest list.

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Featured Images — Otasis (via Instagram)