Masked Manchester rapper Meekz bursts back with surprise gig in Piccadilly Gardens with JD

What a way to make an impact.

Charlie Watkinson Charlie Watkinson - 17th April 2024

Local rap sensation Meekz is back, if you hadn’t noticed – he burst back onto the scene last week with a surprise gig with JD in Piccadilly Gardens.

The masked Manchester rapper is celebrating the release of his latest single Mini Me’s – and a handful of Mini Meekz posters appeared around town, pasted there by artist collective Pattern Up (then swiftly removed) last week.

Meekz continues to impress with his latest release, a track that’s quickly gaining popularity.

True to form, Meekz delivers not only sonically but visually, teaming up once again with KC Locke to create a stunning music video.

Their collaboration underscores the significance of music videos, reaffirming their lasting impact in the industry.


The video pays homage to their previous work, particularly ‘Like Me’, while also pushing boundaries with a post-apocalyptic CGI rendition of Manchester, reminiscent of scenes from GTA and Marvel movies.

This innovative approach demonstrates the remarkable synergy between Meekz and KC Locke, marking a new pinnacle in their collaborative efforts.


Following the premiere, Meekz treated fans to a memorable performance in Piccadilly Gardens, organised with JD, where he made a grand entrance by gifting miniature Air Max 95’s to his fans before taking the stage atop a large storage container.

I had the opportunity to speak with Meekz after the premiere, where he shared insights into his upcoming tape, ‘Tru’, slated for release on 24 May.

Additionally, he hinted at exclusive news related to GTA/GTA 6, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future endeavours.


It’s clear that Meekz continues to innovate and redefine the game with each new project, and we’re excited to see what he has in store next.

KC Locke said: “In the time that the mainstream media is writing articles about the decline of the music video industry, swords and eagles are here to make a stand and show not only are music videos here to stay but they are more important than ever.

“This is a testament to community, bound by a shared vision, we rise and rise again, together, for the culture.”

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Featured image: The Manc Group