Matt Healey backs Scottish Independence as he headlines BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Healey told crowds: “I’m from Manchester and I want my own independence so I can’t imagine how you feel."

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 29th May 2023

Manchester musician Matt Healey backed Scottish Independence last night as he headlined BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee.

The frontman of the pop rock band The 1975 took a moment on stage to address crowds in Camperdown Park on the subject of leaving the union, telling them that Scotland “should definitely just be doing its own thing”.

He continued: “We’re very happy to be here, we have a lot of fond memories of this part of the world.

“Fond memories in this country. This country. That’s a country.

The 1975 singer then went on to tell crowds to huge cheers: “I’m from Manchester and I want my own independence so I can’t imagine how you feel.”


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“It’s the BBC, we’re not supposed to be political, but you definitely should just be doing your own thing”, before adding: “Ok let’s not do any jokes, let’s just do some sincere music that’s coming from the heart.”


SNP councillor for Fife Council, David Barratt, later took to Twitter to share the footage commenting that he ‘very much enjoyed’ Matty Healy’s contribution to the debate.

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It is not the first time that Healey has got involved on the subject of Scottish independence, having previously told fans at a concert in Glasgow that the country should be independent.


The comments come just a few months after Healey was criticised for calling the Scots language as ‘retard English’ on a podcast.

The pop rock frontman has recently also made headlines following speculation that he is dating global popstar Taylor Swift.

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