Meet Partial: The Manchester promotors bringing back simple clubbing

Their next event on July 31 will bring two up-and-coming tastemakers of house music to Manchester.

Hannah Starkie Hannah Starkie - 19th July 2021

Festivals are unreal places, aren’t they? Not just for the music, the memories, and the 10am tinny from breakfast, but for the people you meet and the friendships you cement for life.  

One person that can vouch for this is Harry James.

A few years back, Harry and his mates attended Houghton Festival. Lost in the hedonistic mood that a festival can so easily induce, they were inspired by the non-gimmicky simplicity of the weekend.

They realised the key was to strip things back and focus on the music and the atmosphere.

The same night, they cooked up the concept for a brand-new Manchester club night, bred from a pure passion for music and the community of people it brings together.


And so Partial was born.  

Harry DJing at the very first Partial event held at The Whisky Jar in November 2019
Harry DJing at the very first Partial event held at The Whisky Jar in November 2019.

They spent the best part of a year nailing it all down before launching at The Whisky Jar at the back end of 2019. With a clear ethos for the brand, they directed their attention into nailing the simple things first. And in doing so, they’ve created something worthy of our attention.  


“We put a lot of care and thought into the environment that we’re creating for people to dance in,” Harry told The Manc Audio.

“We make sure the venue, the décor, and the overall atmosphere are the kind of settings where people can really let loose and enjoy big tunes from top DJs on a quality system.”

Now – after what’s felt like forever – we can actually contemplate the idea of clubbing again.


We’re finally able to sample some Partial party action later this month. The third Partial instalment will take place in the Progress Centre courtyard on 31 July. They’ve got Youandewan and The Ghost spinning tunes between 2pm until 11pm.  

“Our upcoming bookings Youandewan and The Ghost seem to have all carved their own corner into the scene in Berlin and the UK,” said Harry.  

“We love the sound and style that these guys are pushing. So, we feel very lucky to have them play at our first few events. It’ll be exciting to see how the sound of Partial evolves and develops over time.”

German Youandewan has – in his words – forged his own “tender brand of deep house”. He’s also released tracks on Butter Side Up before now, a UK label which is owned by Harry’s friend. So, he makes an ideal booking for the comeback occasion.  

British but Berlin-based duo The Ghost have been mates since they were 10-years-old. Both of them went on to Leeds University where they threw some legendary student parties in their time.


On relocating to Berlin, they began DJing together under the alias The Ghost. Within just a couple of years, they’ve undoubtedly become ones to watch. Not only for their sound, but for launching Berlin’s first mobile record store, built from a vintage camper van, as well as starting Ghost Records. 

This will be the pair’s first time in Manchester for quite a while. So, the Partial boys are buzzing to welcome their groove-fuelled house back to the city.  

On the day, they’ll have the best sound system set up, too, courtesy of Neuron Pro Audio who will be supplying a next level Danley Sound Lab system.  

“This next event is a step up for us in terms of capacity and production value,” said Harry. 

“The Progress Centre is a venue we’ve had our eye on for a while now. So, it’s something we really look forward to bringing to life. But all will be revealed on July 31.”


Tickets are still available, but they’re on final release. Get yours booked here

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Featured image: @stillsfromraz/IG