Manchester audience left ‘sobbing’ as Olly Murs pays emotional on-stage tribute to Caroline Flack

'This is for you, Caz'

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 6th May 2023

Olly Murs had the audience at the AO Arena Manchester sobbing last night after he paid tribute to his late friend, Caroline Flack.

The Heart Skips a Beat singer is best-known for his upbeat pop songs but took the time to honour his former friend with an emotional tribute.

He dedicated an acoustic version of Sweet Caroline to the presenter, who died in 2020.

Speaking to the crowd, Olly urged people to check in on anyone they thought might be struggling, saying: “Make the effort. Because you might be able to change what they decide to do.”

He described Caroline as ‘an amazing human’ and described her love for music and dancing.


Olly also said: “The fact that she’s not here any more is horrible. I miss her every single day.”

The star then introduced his version of Sweet Caroline, saying ‘this one’s for you, Caz’.


Fans who were there have reported sobbing their way through his speech and performance.

One person said: “Olly singing sweet Caroline had me sobbing. Cazza would be so proud of you @ollymurs!”

Another said: “Thank you so much for an amazing night! I cried and cried when you talked about Caroline, I lost my sister in April ’20 and I had tears streaming down my face when you talked about grief and loss. Thank you for a fab show! Good luck at your wedding.”


Someone else posted: “Olly Murs just did an acoustic cover of Sweet Caroline as a tribute to Caroline Flack and sobbed the whole way through it. Genuinely very lovely.”

Olly’s full speech about Caroline Flack said: “One of my good friends, in February 2020, took her own life. Miss Caroline Flack.

“It was a really difficult time for me. And it’s mad, because I was looking through some old Instagrams earlier, some old photos that we’ve got, and we used to spend so much time in Manchester because we used to do loads of filming for X Factor and loads of different things.

“So being here tonight is really really special.

“It was one of the lowest moments of my life. She was such an amazing human. We had our fights, we had our rows, we got on sometimes we didn’t, but she was always such a great person to be around, someone I loved very much.


“So the fact that she’s not here any more is horrible. I miss her every single day.

“When you’re dealing with something like that it’s super super tough, and the only way that I could deal with it, with grief my way, is by music – by singing, and performing.

“That’s what she loved to do. You guys must have watched her on Strictly. She was incredible on Strictly, and not only that she was an incredible singer. So I wanted to do something on this tour to dedicate to her, a tribute to my lovely friend Caroline Flack who I miss every single day.

“So I’m going to sing this song for her. Before I sing it, if you know anyone who’s struggling real bad, or even if you don’t know it, if you think something’s not right, please speak to them, please give them a call, go round there and see them, make the effort. Because you might be able to change what they decide to do. Please please do it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is my version of Sweet Caroline. This is for you, Caz.”

Featured image; Twitter, @emp_21x