The 1975’s Gorilla show, limited edition Noel Gallagher demos, The Charlatans’ debut and more to be released for Record Store Day 2024

There are some serious gems to be found on this list.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 20th February 2024

Record Store Day 2024 is just around the corner and there are some seriously magical Manc music to be picked up this year, including presses of The 1975’s recent charity gig at Gorilla, two limited edition Noel Gallagher demos, an exclusive print of The Charltan’s first-ever song and many more.

The now annual event celebrating and supporting independent record stores all over the UK has become a cultural rite of passage for die-hard music fans and vinyl collectors, and also serves as a bit of a scramble for special editions and hidden gems that people have been looking to get their hands on.

With the official list of Record Store Day exclusives being released this week, people are already feasting their eyes over the selection and putting together their plan of attack ahead of April.

Yes, this is just any old national day, it’s an event that remains so important to the music industry. We know they’re not from around here but Britpop fans are going to go mad for this one.

One of many special anniversary releases for Record Store Day 2024

Given Manchester’s rich music culture, it’s no surprise there is lots of work from local artists named on this year’s list too.


Including everything from vinyls of The 1975’s aforementioned live show and a 30th-anniversary release of Morrisey and Siouxsie ‘Interlude’, to his former bandmates’ Marr’s Guitars book and an alternative version of A Country On The Click by Preswitch rockers The Fall, there’s plenty to be snatched up.

There’s even a remastered reissue of fellow Manc post-punk band The Durutti Column’s seminal album, Vini Reilly, the band famously first put out copies of their 1980 record The Return Of The Durutti Column in sandpaper sleeve so that it would gradually destroy the records next to it. How punk is that?


So yeah, safe to say they’re more than familiar with putting out collectors’ items.

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We’re yet to get a full round-up of the local places taking part in Record Store Day 2024 but there are over 270 across the UK and you can expect most if not all of the music shops in and around town to get involved on Saturday, 20 April.

Speaking of which, you can find all the best record stores in Greater Manchester down below and the full list of the Record Store Day releases for 2024 HERE.


Happy hunting, folks!

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Featured Images — Andy Luckers (via YouTube)/Noel Gallagher (via IG)/Man Alive! (via Flickr)