Sam Smith drops new music video with Calvin Harris and does donuts in… Wigan?

Outside the DW Stadium, to be specific.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 15th August 2023

Sam Smith and Calvin Harris have dropped a new single together called ‘Desire’, and it appears that the music video released alongside the track is filmed just down the road in Wigan of all places.

The Scottish DJ and London-born singer released their second tune together at the end of last month after having worked together on their first collaboration, ‘Promises‘, back in 2018, but the music video for the latest track went live on Friday, 11 August.

The concept for the video is pretty simple: a bunch of people gathering at a car meet; drifting, racing, doing donuts and other stunts, as well as various automobile shenanigans in a car park and other vaguely urban/industrial settings.

However, it is the location that caught the eyes of several online as Smith, Harris and the rest of the video’s cast can be seen doing all this just behind Wigan Athletic’s DW Stadium.

It took locals all of five seconds to spot that Sam Smith was in fact doing all this outside Wigan’s home ground.

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Suppose it’s as good a spot as any.


While isn’t clear whereabouts the other shots in the video beyond those that show the Latics stadium looming in the backdrop are filmed and exactly how much of the remaining footage is actually filmed in Wigan, it’s just nice to see the home of the pie barm getting a rare bit of limelight.

The track itself is actually a bit of a banger too, giving off those late 90s/early 2000s electronic Clubland vibes.


You can watch the video for ‘Desire’ in full down below:

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Featured Image — Calvin Harris (via YouTube)