The Manc Asked: What’s your favourite Manchester gig memory?

Live music is a staple in Manchester and this is a chance to fondly reminisce.

The Manc The Manc - 7th August 2020
Gorilla Manchester

Manchester is synonymous with music.

Without music, there is no Manchester as we know it because the buzzing atmosphere in our great city was built by roaring guitars, scratching vinyls, shimmering strobe lights and booming microphones.

It’s no secret that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has flipped life as we once knew it on its head, and the satisfying, rhythmic hum that once used to echo through the city air on a daily basis has been ground to a halt over the past couple of months.

Not only has it been sorely missed by Mancunians, but it’s also come at an unfortunate cost.

Live music in Manchester and across the UK is on life support and the industry needs our help. Without it, 30-50% of the live music workforce will become unemployed, 90% of grassroots venues will close, and the industry will lose at least £900 million.


This is where the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign comes into play.

A coalition of live music artists, venues, concerts, festivals, production companies and industry figures successfully launched the campaign last month to highlight the importance of the sector to the UK’s economy and it’s recieved widespread support on social media.


Let The Music Play is hoping to achieve the following three aims:

  1. A clear conditional timeline for reopening venues without social distancing.
  2. An immediate comprehensive business and employment support package and access to finance.
  3. Full VAT exemption on ticket sales.

And they’re working – but the fight is still a long way from over yet.

After witnessing the traction that this campaign has been gaining over the past couple of weeks, and with the intent to keep the conversation continuing, it prompted us to begin reflecting. Here at The Manc, we always want to know where you stand and in this case, we want to experience the wonders of our city’s live music culture through your eyes.


A chance to fondly reminisce.

So, we took to our social platforms this week – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to ask you, our loyal audience of Mancunians – ‘What’s your favourite Manchester gig memory?.

Here’s what you said:



Live music is a staple in Manchester and the entire industry needs our help getting through this crisis. Show your support and share your favourite moments with us ? #LetTheMusicPlay

Posted by The Manc on Tuesday, 4 August 2020





We received hundreds of replies to our question across all social platforms, so we unfortunately haven’t been able to include every single one in this article. Instead, we chose to feature a few that seemed to resonate the best with our audience and received the most interactions overall.

Are you keen to have your say? Do you have a different view? Got a musical memory you’d like to share?

Well, there’s still time to chip in, so make sure you head on over to The Manc on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to take part, leave your thoughts and discuss with other Mancunians in the same position as you.

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