You can book East 17 to sing their iconic Christmas song on your doorstep (for some reason)

They're promoting a new Christmas song, called 'Merry Quitmas'...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 15th December 2023

Can someone please check on East 17, because their current promotional tour is so bizarre I feel like someone must have spiked my eggnog.

Not only are the 90s boyband legends currently promoting a new Christmas single they’ve made in collaboration with a vape brand (I KNOW), but they’re also doing a completely free tour of people’s doorsteps too.

The public will have the chance to book a free doorstep concert with East 17, who’ll rock up to sing Stay Another Day live and in person.

The trio are behind one of the country’s most popular festive tunes, which even beat Mariah Carey to the top of the charts the year of its release.

This year, they’re back in their giant white puffer jackets and hitting the streets around Greater Manchester, to serenade Mancs in their own homes.


The stunt has been created in partnership with Ring, and anyone who manages to book East 17 for a performance will also win a Ring Battery Video Doorbell Plus and a lifetime subscription to Ring Protect.

More tickets are being released each day, so you’ll need to have your wits about you to grab one.

East 17 are doing free doorstep concerts this Christmas.
East 17 are doing free doorstep concerts this Christmas.

The band, which currently consists of Terry Coldwell, Robbie Craig and Joe Livermore, are also promoting this year’s festive single… which is about quitting smoking (?!?!).

Merry Quitmas tells the tale of a Santa Claus whose lungs are too knackered to do his present deliveries – much to the annoyance of Mrs Claus and the reindeer.

At one point, Father Christmas is chastised by Dancer.


Lyrics of ‘Merry Quitmas’ include gems like this: “I thought smoking was amazing and I would always be tokin’. The cigarette it would be blazing, like Rudolph’s nose would be glowing.”

East 17 comforting an ill Santa Claus in their video for ‘Merry Quitmas’

The chaotic music video also features a host of celebrity lookalikes including Elton John, George Michael, Cliff Richard, Noddy Holder and Ed Sheeran.

East 17 have released the song with Riot E-Liquid, a vape brand, and will donate proceeds to cancer charities.

Speaking of their doorstep concerts, East 17 said: “It never gets old performing a song that means so much to us, especially around Christmas time, where Stay Another Day really took off.

“We’re so excited to hit the road with Ring to perform to several of our fans, right on their doorstep!”


So I guess the only question left is for East 17’s management. And it’s this… ARE YOU OKAY?!

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