Manchester agency Banks Digital launches pre-built online store for sports and fashion brands

Banks Ecom is packed with best-in-class features which are normally out of reach of smaller companies.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th December 2020
Banks Digital

A Manchester-based independent digital agency has launched its own pre-built online store aimed at sports and fashion brands.

Banks Ecom is the brainchild of Banks Digital – which is based in co-working space WeWork Dalton Place in Manchester city centre – and is built on the agency’s years of experience providing one-of-a-kind digital retail solutions for companies and brands such adidas, The Couture Club, and Rangers FC.

Banks has packed its online store with best-in-class features which are normally out of reach of smaller companies.

The initiative was born out of the desire to help small retailers survive the pandemic.

But to be viable, the platform had to be affordable, powerful and deployable within a few days, which are all prerequisites the company is proud to have met.


A public demo is now available to access via the Banks Ecom website here.

Banks Ecom

The concept of Banks Digital was first created by identical twin brothers, Alex and Paul Banks, when they were just 15 years old after quickly discovering a passion for creating websites and designing various types of marketing material.


After graduating in May 2012, the brothers founded Banks Digital with no investment.

To this day, the company is still running as an independent digital agency and has flourished through working with global sports giants and many local clients across diverse business sectors over the past nine years.

Speaking on the launch of Banks Ecom, Paul Banks – Director at Banks Digital – said: “We’ve packed our online store with the kinds of features you could only afford with budgets of £15,000 and we’re selling it at a fraction of that cost.


“What we’ve built over nine months is something that can be adapted to suit the needs of any sports and fashion brand and launched within only 5 days.”

You can find more information via the Banks Ecom website here.

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