Manchester’s tourism levels are about to skyrocket

The Manc The Manc - 20th January 2021

In British and European terms, Manchester has always been a city that encourages tourists to unearth its treasures.

As a result, 2018 saw a 10% rise in visitors from overseas countries. In 2019, the local authority decided to increase their target to £1.2 billion in business tourism. 

The city has been through highs and lows recently, yet it appears as if the future is set to be even brighter on the tourist front because Andy Burnham could easily watch records tumble with millions of more visitors flocking here for these very reasons. 

Investment in Natural Beauty  

Manchester isn’t the only entity to value natural beauty. Over the past year, millions of
have visited national parks around the country. The Lake District is easily the most popular among guests, with an average of 24 million visitors per year. In 2020, the region hit £3 billion from business tourism for the first time.  

However, the trend has been scaling upwards since 2016, with pretty much every national park experiencing a rise in guests year on year. For Manchester, this is excellent news due
to the city’s brilliant location
 next to some of the biggest natural hot spots in England.  


The Lake District is less than 90 minutes away, for example, while the Yorkshire Dales is
only next door. Of course, the Peak District is even closer as it’s in neighbouring Derbyshire.

Thanks to its proximity to these increasingly popular beauty spots, the city will surely
experience a wave of tourism made up of people who base themselves in Manchester.  

Consolidating Its Facilities  

Anyone who has spent time in Manchester will know that the city has excellent facilities.


Only recently, the Mayor of Greater Manchester announced his plans to reassert control over the city’s buses by 2024. The tram service, which is one of the few left in the north and the whole of the UK, is regularly on time and beloved by locals and guests. 

Then, there are the improving nightlife and hospitality scenes, both of which pull in hundreds of millions a year and give back to the economy. Yet, what makes the future exciting is the impact of technology on services that people used to travel for specifically, such as overseas gambling facilities. The likes of Las Vegas and Macau are renowned as global stars as millions of people flock to the cities for incredible gambling experiences.  

Previously, Manchester would have found it hard to compete, but the internet means the city can appeal to a wide range of people by offering the same experience virtually. By showing people how they can find the best American online casino without going to the US or China, Manchester is bound to strike a perfect balance between providing betting services without the hassle. For example, Brits from other parts of the Kingdom can cut the costs of a holiday by travelling to Manchester while still getting the full US casino vibe by logging in to their favourite provider online. 


Manchester is already a shining light of domestic and international tourism since it’s a famous destination with millions of visitors. However, its location and investment in its facilities may lead to an explosion of interest from around the UK and the globe.

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Featured image: Mangopear Creative / Unsplash