Meet Areande: The Manchester firm helping SMEs thrive during the pandemic

R&D tax credits allow businesses to claim a cash payment or a reduction in their tax bill for a variety of costs spent on innovative projects.

The Manc The Manc - 25th January 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on the economy – and businesses of all types have felt the strain. 

In April 2020 alone, a quarter of UK companies closed and May saw the country enter its worst recession for many years.

Various levels of restrictions, ranging from lockdowns to the tier system, have resulted in businesses struggling to stay afloat. 

However, one Manchester-based firm has set a mission to change all that: Areande. 


How Areande is making a difference

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Areande helps businesses across Manchester and beyond to claim research and development tax credits. 

This incentive – also known as innovation tax relief – was introduced by the government in 2000 to encourage companies to innovate. 


R&D tax credits allow businesses to claim a cash payment or a reduction in their tax bill for a variety of costs spent on innovative projects. 

Founded during the pandemic, Areande’s singular goal is to “simplify the claims process and help as many firms as possible”.

As multiple sectors started being squeezed by the pandemic and social distancing measures, Areande was set up to provide innovating businesses with a “vital lifeline”. 


Spending money developing or improving new products, services, or processes qualifies you for tax relief – with many companies eligible for cash payments or tax bill reductions. 

You can determine whether you’re eligible for tax relief for your innovation here.

Partnering with Areande

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Areande also runs a partnership programme for individuals and businesses searching for an additional source of income during a financially challenging time. 

Areande offers a lucrative referral programme for their partners, allowing companies to make money for sending potential claimants their way. 

Explaining the partnership programme, Areande stated: “We use a rigorous approach with a built-in quality assurance system, ensuring we uncover all eligible R&D costs. Our experts do all the hard work; partners need only send clients our way and wait for their reward.


“As a partner, you’d also have access to a dashboard where you can monitor earnings in real-time and easily export data for reporting. You would also have the pleasure of seeing your clients power their businesses forward, achieving – and even exceeding – their growth plans by claiming Areande. Partnering with Areande could provide many benefits to both you and your clients.”

You can learn more here.

Claiming your innovation tax relief

Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC), also known as above the line R&D tax credit, allows larger companies to reclaim tax for their innovation. 

This incentive is worth 11p for every pound spent on qualifying R&D activities.

Areande saves its clients from having to deal with HMRC and pledges support for almost all industries; with members of its team from agriculture, pharmaceutical, medical supplies, research, property, construction, financial and technology backgrounds. 


The company stated: “We use a streamlined and technology-driven process that can take businesses from claim to cheque in a matter of weeks SMEs, whether they are profit or loss-making, can claim up to 33p for each £1 they’ve spent on innovation.

“We have helped thousands of businesses across the country claim back millions from HMRC, with an average claim value of £53,714 for SMEs and £600,977 for large companies. We have a streamlined process; we handle everything so you can focus on innovating.”

With the money received from Areande claims, businesses have managed to increase their incomes, expand their operations and recoup some of their COVID-19 losses.

In the current climate, local businesses need a boost – and Areande is providing exactly that. 

You can apply for R&D tax credits online here.To learn more about what Areande are doing to support the local economy, visit their website. You can sign up and see if you’re eligible online.