This Manchester-based car company now offers a car subscription service


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Buying a new car can be a big, stressful decision.

With the expense involved – there’s immense pressure on you to get it right – and there’s no guarantee you’ll be grinning in the days after you drive away from the dealership.

Finding a vehicle you love, for an affordable cost, can prove to be seriously hard work.

Thankfully, one company has launched a membership service that takes the cortisol out of car-buying: Sixt.

Sixt+ offers you the ability to pick out a car you like for a cheaper price – with no high buying costs, no financing charges and no vehicle depreciation.

This service entitles members to a multitude of options and refreshing flexibility to pick something new, depending on your preferences at the time. 

Every car comes with auto-liability, comprehensive coverage and theft protection, along with routine maintenance and a basic free mileage package.

Sixt+ also lets you choose from premium models (a vehicle from current or last model year) fully registered and ready to drive immediately. 

Cancellation is also possible at any time. 

If you fancy switching to a subscription model and rotating your car on a regular basis with no strings attached (and fewer costs to pay), head on over to the Sixt website

More information is available online.


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