BrewDog is giving away free pints across the UK this week – and there’s no catch

They want to spread 'positivity and good vibes', apparently.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 24th October 2022

BrewDog is giving away free pints of lager in its bars across the UK for three days this week.

The brewery’s co-founder James Watt said that he wants to spread some ‘positivity and good vibes’ with the giveaway.

He posted on LinkedIn that he hoped to say ‘thanks to everyone who follows me on here and everyone who supports what we do at BrewDog from both a beer and a sustainability perspective’.

Anyone who shows James’ QR code will be able to claim a free pint of either Lost Lager or Lost AF in any Brewdog bar across the country.

In Manchester, the Scottish company has a huge bar (and hotel) on Fountain Street as well as bars on Peter Street and Oxford Road.


James wrote: “Have a beer on me. Instead of posting about our business today I thought I would buy you all a beer instead.

BrewDog is giving away free beer this week. Credit: BrewDog

“I wanted to say thanks to everyone who follows me on here and everyone who supports what we do at BrewDog from both a beer and a sustainability perspective. It is really appreciated. 🍻🌎


“The world can be a pretty crazy and negative place at the moment, so I wanted to try and spread some positivity and good vibes.

“Save the picture below and scan the code in any UK BrewDog bar to have a Lost Lager on me today, Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

“Craft beer is all about bringing people together so tag a friend below who needs to join you for that beer!


“We love Lost Lager, we hope you guys do too. Have an amazing day everyone!”

The hugely popular BrewDog brand faced public scrutiny early this year when Watt was accused of inappropriate behaviour by colleagues in a BBC Disclosure documentary – allegations that he says are ‘totally false’.

The backlash led to Manchester brewery Cloudwater cutting ties with BrewDog and announcing it would be ‘winding down’ its contract with them.

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At the time, Allan Leighton, chairman of BrewDog, said: “Any allegations of impropriety are taken extremely seriously. James has provided full assurance that the BBC’s claims are not accurate and are based on rumour and misinformation. Where a complaint was raised in the US, these were fully investigated by an external third party and found to be without substance.


“James has committed to making improvements to his management style and he will continue that development under my mentorship. He has expressed considerable regret if his manner has in any way made crew feel uncomfortable – that is clearly not his intention and goes specifically against the collaborative culture we want to build.”

Anyway, on a lighter note – to claim your free BrewDog beer, grab the QR code from James Watt’s LinkedIn page here.

Featured image: BrewDog