Family-owned restaurant Salvi’s will run kids cooking classes in lockdown

The family will be heading to Facebook - as they have during every lockdown so far - on a weekly basis to deliver live cooking tutorial vids for the kids.

The Manc The Manc - 14th January 2021
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Manchester’s popular Italian restaurant Salvi’s is relaunching its cooking classes for kids during the latest national lockdown.

Every Thursday, Salvi’s owner Maurizio Cecco and his 12-year-old daughter Sienna will be heading to Facebook on a weekly basis to deliver live cooking tutorials.

Videos will focus on a range of delicious Italian dishes and several Salvi’s favourites – including pasta con baccalà e noci and a special rainbow pasta (created by Sienna herself).

All of the dishes will be ‘fun, super simple and full of easy-to-find ingredients’ that can be purchased from Salvi’s Deli in Manchester’s Corn Exchange – which is open for essential purchases.

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Cooking has become a huge part of lockdown life for many families; creating a whole new generation of  “little chefs” as parents and kids spend more time together in the kitchen.


The Cecco family, on the other hand, have cooked wonderful recipes together as a family for generations – with much of the Salvi’s menu passed down from Maurizio’s mum and Sienna’s Nonna, Nonna Teresa Cecco.

This is the third time that Maurizio and Sienna have streamed cooking tutorials online – having done so in every lockdown so far.


The Salvi’s founder said: “As we always say, the Salvi’s customers are our family and in these tough times they know that we are here to help.

“We know how hard everyone is working to get through this lockdown and with home schooling to think about, we just want to give all the parents out there the option of being able to take part in a cooking tutorial with their kids.

“The tutorials will be live but will be available on our Facebook page at any time so that people can fit them around their schedules and if anyone is unsure about any ingredients, they can call our Deli which is still open!”


Head to Salvi’s Facebook page to get involved in the tutorials.

You can also call the Deli team on 0161 222 8021 with any questions about ingredients.

Head over to Sienna’s YouTube channel to watch more classes.