Someone is going round Manchester reviewing every Aperol Spritz

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 2nd June 2022

It’s officially Aperol Spritz season (though did it ever really end), and one person is taking things very seriously indeed.

An Instagram account has been created that rates and reviews every Aperol Spritz served up in bars across Manchester.

The Rating My Aperol page has so far visited almost 30 of the city’s top boozers to test out their Spritz skills.

Though it’s a relatively straight-forward drink, it’s surprisingly common to stumble across places who get the balance all wrong.

Someone is rating all the Aperol Spritz in Manchester. Credit: Instagam, @ratingmyaperol

The perfect Aperol Spritz should be made in a white wine glass filled with ice.


It’s then three parts prosecco, two parts Aperol, and a splash of soda, garnished with a slice of fresh orange.

The end result should be a citrus, bittersweet drink that’s loved all around the world.


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Rating My Aperol has knocked points off bars for everything from using the wrong glassware to lack of straws to too much soda water.

The mystery shopper has even gone across to Liverpool to try the Aperol slushies served at the Baltic Market – which were not a hit.


They wrote: “Couldnt really taste any alchohol and didnt taste like Aperol at all – needed a lot more of the syrup to come through as just tasted like sugary iced water – when the orange flavour really needed to come through to transport you to southern Italy.

Someone is rating all the Aperol Spritz in Manchester. Credit: Instagam, @ratingmyaperol

“Slightly steep at over 8 quid for some frozen slush. 1/10 on this one as didnt feel like an Aperol at all, but could be someones drink.”

The top scorers so far in Manchester have both been Mission Mars venues, with Rudy’s and Albert’s Schloss booth scooping a 9.5/10.

But the Head of Steam has apparently let the side down, only earning two points for its ‘poor’ Aperol Spritz that was ‘weaker than my body after a heavy night out’.

This is serious commitment to the summer booze cause and we’re very much on board.

Featured image: Instagram, @ratingmyaperol