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Beloved Australian biscuits Tim Tams are finally coming to the UK

They're literally considered 'Aussie gold'.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st March 2024

Brace yourselves, Brits, an iconic Australian food staple and popular Antipodean snack is finally coming to the UK after decades of waiting -that’s right, we’re finally getting Tim Tams.

The beloved chocolate-covered biscuit with an extra line of chocolate through the middle is the stuff of legend amongst the Aussies and the Kiwis have a line to some of the stock, but despite having been going since 1964, we’ve never had the luxury of finding them on shelves here in the UK supermarkets.

Until now, that is.

Yes, after years of us crying out for Arnott’s Tim Tams to brought to British shores, they will finally be available at Waitrose shops across the country and via Ocado.

While specialist Australian stores and online retailers like Sanza have obviously stocked imports from Down Under like these before, this will be the first time Tim Tams will be made readily available in shops you’ll find on the high street.

Mouths literally already watering. (Credit: Arnott Group)

Part of the love affair with the moorish malt biscuits is the widely adopted manner of eating them colloquially known as the ‘Tim Tam Slam’.

Here’s the very precise process from start to finish: take a small bite from one corner of the rectangular biscuit, repeat on the diagonally opposite corner; then lower one nibbled corner into the cup of tea and the suck your tea through the opposite nibble — then eat it, and FAST, otherwise it’ll disintegrate.


In fact, we don’t trust you — here is the method from start to finish in the form of a classic British TV moment featuring Graham Norton and Australian singer Natalia Imbruglia:

Even more iconic than Margot Robbie losing her sh*t after receiving a pack on the red carpet.

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Speaking to an extremely happy ex-pat, they said: “They are, easily, the best biscuits in the entire world. Tim Tam Slams are elite. And no, they are NOT like a Penguin. They are infinitely better than anything on the shelves in Britain.”

So there’s your warning, don’t you dare compare Tim Tams to Penguins or risk facing the wrath of every angry Aussie in earshot.


Better still, the biccies that’ll cost you just £2.50 already said to have launched here in the UK and are available in plain chocolate, dark and chewy caramel flavour.

Race you to buy out every single one in sight.

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Featured Images — Arnott’s Group/Tim Tams (via TikTok)