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Greene King pubs are set to give away 100,000 free pints across the UK — but only on one condition

The nation is quite literally counting on us and our famously reliable weather.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st March 2024

Greene King is about to stage their biggest giveaway yet across the next week, with the pub group and brewery set to hand out 100,000 free pints across the nation, but only on one condition involving Manchester and the weather.

We know how that sentence doesn’t usually fill people with confidence but, honestly, we’ve never felt more confident in our lives.

The weather might be looking up now spring has sprung but it’s still Manchester we’re talking about and we could help Brits get their hands on a total of 100k free pints if it rains in the city centre next Monday, 25 March and they’ll be having Peter Crouch and giant pint glass along to help adjudicate.

Rain and Manchester go hand in hand — the pints are on us, don’t you worry.

Yes, in their latest marketing stunt, Greene King will be placing a massive glass in the city centre and if, by some stroke of other-worldly misfortune, no rain is left in it by the end of the day then people all over the country can enjoy a complimentary bev from one of their 2,700 locations across the UK.


If this is this ends up being the one day we don’t get rain after being bullied by it most of the year, we’re going to be absolutely fuming.

Setting the big pint pot up in Great Northern Warehouse on the corner of Deansgate and Peter Street (picture as big as Crouchy himself), the chain of boozers are sticking to one rule: ‘When it rains, we pour’.


The glass itself will serve as the official ‘Rain Drop Detector’ and since March 2023 was the rainiest in 40 years, as well as Manchester being considered Britain’s wettest city according to a survey of the general public — with one in five understandably dubbing us ‘Rainchester’ — this should be a walk in the park.

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You can see the full terms and conditions of the giveaway HERE but the rules are pretty simple: once the trigger point on Rain Drop Detector lights up and a sufficient amount of rainfall is deemed to have landed on Manchester, Greene King will give away free pints for the following 24 hours.

These pints can obviously only be claimed within the pubs’ usual trading times and customers must say the magic phrase, ‘It rains, we pour’, to get their hands on one, but other than that it’s pretty simple. There’s even going to be a livestream and regular updates on socials for everyone to tune into.


Once the drinking window is open, it isn’t just in Manchester that the river of free drinks will flow: people all over the nation will be able to walk into a GK pub and enjoy any one of the following pints at no charge — or a soft drink alternative, of course:

  • Hazy Day Hazy IPA
  • Level Head Session IPA
  • Flint Eye Hopped Lager
  • Icebreaker Pale Ale
  • Abbot Ale
  • Greene King IPA
  • Ruddles Best 
  • Old Speckled Hen & Old Golden Hen

Don’t worry, Brits — rain is just what we do. We won’t let you down (crosses everything).

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Featured Images — Greene King/Great Northern/The Manc Eats