Marmite launches posh new spread that’s dividing people more than ever

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 10th May 2022

Marmite has unveiled an ultra-posh new take on its already divisive spread, and it’s proving to be a controversial choice.

The condiment brand has launched a new truffle-flavoured version of its yeast extract savoury spread.

And despite containing one of the world’s most luxury ingredients – and being presented in a smart black and gold jar – the new Truffle Marmite is a surprisingly affordable price.

Marmite said: “Truffle. The brand-new, utterly spiffing, jolly good, absolutely mahrvelus Marmite spread.

“It’s your forever way to introduce a finer taste into your daily routine. Now it’s not just toast – it’s toast, eaten with your pinkie in the air. Love it. Hate it. Have it.”


It’s on sale now in Sainsbury’s for £4 a jar – but many shoppers aren’t sure they’d want to give it a go.

One person said: “What fresh Hell is this? Stop. Putting. Truffle. On. Everything.”

The new posh Marmite Truffle has been revealed. Credit: Marmite

Someone who managed to snap up a jar wrote: “Soooo, opened the jar to have a sniff and…made me wanna vomit straight away. Gave it a taste on toast and…no change, wanted to vomit! I love @marmite but you did a wrongen here guys, a wrongen!!!”

On Facebook, someone told Marmite: “Truffles are disgusting. Just leave Marmite as it is.”

Another purist said: “I love just good old fashioned Marmite….please don’t try to gild a lily…..”


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One fan of the spread commented: “Dear @marmite I have just tried your truffle flavour marmite and I can honestly say its absolutely lovely. Well done guys another great product made by @marmite.”

Another commented: “I must congratulate @marmite for the new truffle flavored Marmite, it’s quite magnificent.”

Featured image: Marmite