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The humble corner shop just off Piccadilly Gardens that’s home to an insane selection of rare fizzy drinks

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 18th February 2022

The hangover is biting, you’ve got a thirst you can’t quite quench, your sugar levels are dipping – what you need is cold, fizzy, liquid sugar.

Imagine, now, popping in to an ordinary-looking corner shop, expecting to grab a Lucozade or maybe a Fanta, and being greeted by something beyond your wildest dreams.

A wall of soft drinks in just about every imaginable flavour, like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, but for pop.

This isn’t a weird gimmicky hipster hangout though.

Manchester Mini Market. Credit: The Manc Group

It’s just a standard corner shop that’s quietly developed a niche and a massive following.


The Manchester Mini Market is on Oldham Street, just off Piccadilly Gardens.

Past its Coca-Cola-red facade and the ATM poking out of the wall, beyond the wall of scratch cards, and you’ll find a glowing wall of cold drinks.


There’s an entire range of energy drinks, flavours of 7up and Fanta we’ve literally never seen before, and a full spectrum of Vimto.

The wall of Coke at Manchester Mini Market. Credit: The Manc Group

And despite many of the drinks being imported at Manchester Mini Market, they’re not sold at inflated prices like some of the American sweet shops tend to do.

There’s fizzy Ribena, Tizer, Capri Sun and Oasis.


Strawberry Coke, vanilla Coke, lime Coke, and all its siblings.

There’s a selection of cans inspired by Chupa Chups lollies, with flavours like grape, strawberry and melon.

You’ll find a Mojito 7up from France and a Vietnamese sasparilla Fanta that’s vaguely similar to root beer.

You want a Tango? What about a dark berry one, or a strawberry watermelon flavour?

These are new! Credit: The Manc Group

There are even some of the pink mystery flavour Fantas if you want to play a game of what-the-hell-am-I-drinking.


And energy drink fans can raid Monsters in pacific punch and mango loco, Rubicon Raws in pomegranate, mango and blueberry, and a massive range of Relentless cans.

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Honestly, The Manc staff dash in here every week and we’re always surprised by new drinks to try.

What a gem.

Featured image: The Manc Group