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An absolutely tiny party bus has started doing trips around Manchester

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 6th December 2021

Sometimes, for a big night out, you just need to book yourself a stretch limo, or a party bus with a built-in dancefloor, to take you to your destination.

But now there’s a new party vehicle doing the rounds of Manchester, and it’s a little bit out of the ordinary.

It might be for a big night out but it’s certainly not a big ride – this is a converted Fiat 500.

The tiny car has been fitted with neon lights, a top-of-the-range sound system, and even a bar in the boot.

Teddy with the tiny party vehicle. Credit: Supplied

It’s been created by Boe Vodka and launched last weekend with Love Island star Teddy Soares as a VIP passenger.


The tiny party car is doing 10 trips to Boujee bar this weekend, which are available to book online.

Love Islander Teddy said: “What makes a great night out is banging music, great drinks and an epic atmosphere – and Boë has somehow packed all of that into a tiny Fiat 500.

Teddy crammed in with some passengers. Credit: Supplied

“Travelling to the club used to be the low-tempo part of the night, now I’m not sure you’ll want to get out!

“A night out for me includes a couple of vodka and cokes, my go-to drink, and plenty of rap and R&B music, the perfect soundtrack to any good night, guaranteed to get me on the dancefloor.”

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Carlo Valente, director at Boë, said: “We know our customers live for the weekend and want to own the night, so what better way to do that than by stepping into our Fiat 500.

“Complete with neon nights, an amazing sound system and a discoball, you can arrive in style at the club, or house party, to continue the partying.”

It’s been created to launch Boe’s new vodka range, which includes Pink (tart raspberry and white chocolate), Azzura (kiwi, watermelon, cucumber and mint) and Dark Fruits (colour-changing mix of blackberry and blackcurrant).

Book your slot with Boë’s Fiat 500 party car at

Featured image: Supplied