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Incredible £15 World Book Day costume labelled ‘the best one yet’

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 3rd March 2022

A World Book Day costume that cost just £15 from Primark has been hailed as ‘the best one’ of the year.

10-year-old Courtney Elizabeth handmade her costume with her parents using items from around their home and a quick trip to Primark.

She pulled together an incredible Miss Trunchbull outfit and fully embraced the theme for a photoshoot outside her home.

Since her mum shared photos of her mini Miss Trunchbull, people have been saying it’s the ‘best one yet’.

Courtney’s Miss Trunchbull outfit was mostly crafted with her mum. Credit: Supplied

Kenny commented: “What an absolute wee legend.”


Holly said: “My absolute favourite this.”

And Edita wrote: “She nailed it!!!”


The World Book Day costume has had a big impact, but it was all pulled together for just £15.

Courtney’s mum Samantha said that they bought a plain grey jumper, black joggers and a belt from Primark.

They then got crafty to finish off the outfit, using Sharpies to draw on the ‘1972 Olympics’ logo made famous in the hit film.


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They created an Olympics-style hammer using polystyrene, black masking tape and a painted toilet roll, and used tinfoil to make a pile of shot puts.

Samantha then used a bit of makeup to give Courtney a monobrow and tied her hair up in a bun.

We think she looks absolutely mint.

Featured image: Supplied