You can actually get paid to play with LEGO all day in Manchester

The dream job doesn't exis....

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 5th September 2023

LEGO lovers assemble, because the dream job just came up – and you don’t get the chance to apply for this often.

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester is on the hunt for a talented individual to become their new Master Model Builder.

The job of a Master Model Builder is a coveted role that aims to inspire the next generation of builders, while creating showstopping LEGO sculptures.

One of the rarest jobs in the world, potential candidates for the dream role will compete in an elite competition to determine Manchester’s best builder, which is being held at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester, located in The Trafford Palazzo, on Saturday 23 September.

Participants will engage in a series of exciting speed builds and challenges to flaunt their skills set by Luke – the UK’s Mini Master Model Builder.


The challenges will allow them to flex their LEGO abilities when constructing intricate structures under pressure.

The successful candidate will join the exclusive ranks, becoming the 35th Master Model Builder in the company’s history, and they will craft brick-tastic displays in the attraction’s Miniland to sit alongside the cobbles of Coronation Street, the Old Trafford stadium, among many other LEGO masterpieces.


When they’re not crafting LEGO displays that wow visitors, the Master Model Builder will also be responsible for maintaining the existing awe-inspiring models, igniting imaginations through creative workshops, and teaching visitors how to build their own wonderful creations.

If you think that the job sounds like a bit if you, you can apply to become Manchester’s Master Model Builder and join the growing team before Saturday 16 September.

Image: LEGOLAND Discovery Centre
Image: LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Speaking on the role, Jenn McDonough – General Manager at LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester – said: “If you live and breathe LEGO, our Master Model Builder role will be your dream job. It’s a chance to get creative and play with LEGO all day and create showstopping structures, all while being paid.


“The right candidate will be passionate about all things LEGO and ready to take their building skills to the next level, with flair and a creative spark.

“At LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester, our mission is to create unforgettable experiences for LEGO enthusiasts, and we want you to be a part of it, so don’t miss your opportunity to apply.”

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Potential candidates will be asked to submit a photo of their best LEGO build yet, before showcasing their skills in the competition at The Trafford Palazzo, followed by a face-to-face interview.

The UK’s Mini Master Model Builder Luke, Operations Manager Matthew O’Connell, Marketing Manager Nathalie Eady, and the site’s General Manager Jenn McDonough will act as judges to decide which contestants will take on the job.

You can apply here.

Featured Image – LEGOLAND Discovery Centre