Ian Curtis documentary podcast released as part of ‘Death of a Rock Star’ series

A brand new documentary episode focusing on the legacy of Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis is being released as part of the acclaimed Death of a Rock Star podcast series.

The Crowd-produced show has covered the lives and deaths of some of the world’s greatest music icons – including Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, Prodigy frontman Keith Flint, multitalented singer Amy Winehouse, and Beatles star John Lennon.

But the latest episode focuses on the brooding, baritone Joy Division musician who helped put Manchester on the map.

Curtis’ bewitching vocal talent and twitching dance moves thrust his band into the limelight in the late seventies – turning the world’s attention towards a working-class northern city in England.

But Joy Division would only ever release two studio albums.

Curtis tragically committed suicide on 18 May 1980 – just hours before the band were set to embark on a huge tour of America.

He was only 23.

Ian Curtis’ legacy is being explored in new episode of Crowd’s podcast series Death of a Rockstar / Image: R~P~M via Flickr

Still, despite his short career – Curtis left behind an enduring legacy.

More than 40 years on, he remains one of the most seminal and enigmatic figures in Mancunian music – setting a bar which young local musicians still aspire to reach today.

The new episode of Death of a Rockstar tracks the life of Curtis, delves deep into his psyche, and investigates what made the singer quite so special.

The synopsis reads: “Some bands could be from anywhere. You can’t hear their home in the bassline, feel the streets and skies in the guitars.

“But Joy Division and Ian Curtis are pure Manchester – an old town, a new town, a city that tears down the past and falls into the future.”

You can download and listen to the Ian Curtis episode of the ‘Death of a Rock Star’ podcast online here.

Death of a Rock Star is also available on Spotify, Apple and Google.

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