The best new music from Manchester this week | 26 July – 1 August

It's been another great week for the city's artists.

Hannah Starkie Hannah Starkie - 29th July 2021

It’s been impossible to compact the best new Manchester music into a handful of highlights this week. But we’ve given it our best shot.

On our radar from the past seven days is a nice mix of sultry R&B from two familiar faces, poolside vibes from a solo project making a comeback, and a collab from two emerging Manchester songwriters.

The weather might have taken a turn for the worst, but here are our favourite releases from the past week to brighten your day.


'Shores' single artwork - a woman in a white bikini wearing sunglasses gazes beyond the camera.
‘Shores’ will transport you to the beach that you’re craving.

Manchester-based SPRXNGBREAK have had quite a journey so far. Forming some years ago, instrumentalist Mick Warwick and Grammy-award winning producer Nate Cassells originally formed the band.

The pair joined forces whilst living in London and honed their sound in a studio in rural Germany – where they apparently slept on the floor and ate nothing but instant noodles. But a couple of demos later, they parted ways to pursue different things, leaving SPRXNGBREAK to lie dormant.  


Five years later, Warwick discovered the original demos and spent a year remixing and reworking them all. Now working alone, he’s developed a 2.0 version of SPRXNGBREAK in which this newest track falls within.  

‘Shores’ is a collaboration with producer Sam Wiseman and is bursting with the Balearic sounds of Ibiza. So, have a listen to this one if you’re looking to get lost in some nostalgic tropical beats. It’s too easy to picture yourself by a beach watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand which we’re all here for. 


We’ve definitely found our summer 2021 anthem.

ZULA, glue70 – Head 

'Head' single artwork - illustration of a blue snake looking at its shadow on  a wall.
‘Head’ is taken from glue70’s latest EP ‘Creationism’.

We’ve raved about ZULA on The Manc Audio a couple of times now, and rightly so. The pair are such a captivating combo and each one of their releases is as dreamy as the last.

Consisting of producer glue70 and singer Freak Slug, the Manchester-based duo have been making music under the ZULA guise for a bit now and we can’t help but include their latest track in another one of our top 5 lists.  


Typically, their sound is a blissful fusion of lo-fi and electronic beats from glue70, met with Freak Slug’s sweet vocals. And whilst their new one, ‘Head’, retains some of their classic elements, it’s much more upbeat and lays out a welcome change.  

The KTNA – Can’t Stop It

'Can't Stop It' single artwork - the KTNA are stood clad in black PVC clothing holding chains in both hands against a black and red marbled background
The twins are back with sultry track ‘Can’t Stop It’.

Now, you might recognise these two from the programme Waterloo Road, first emerging into the public eye as Rhona and Shona Mansfield in the popular high school drama. But twin sisters Millie and Hope – a.k.a. The KTNA – have swapped acting for music.

With over a year spent in lockdown, the girls were able to dedicate time to their production and lay down the foundations of their brand-new EP ‘Resurgence’ which is out soon.

Taken from that project is this new track ‘Can’t Stop It’. The twins say it’s for anyone who feels they’ve been criticised for doing what they love. And judging off their previous work, they love to produce such empowering music as this quite often.  

‘Can’t Stop It’ is a sultry R&B track with stunning soulful vocals. Team this with their amazing style and infectious energy and The KTNA are fast becoming one of Manchester’s most exciting R&B exports.  


SUTTY & Migixhi – Daisy Chain 

'Daisy Chain' single artwork - the title is placed on top of a picture of plants growing up a wall.
SUTTY’s new one is a collab with songwriter Migixhi.

Singer-songwriter SUTTY’s vocals are beautiful on her new one ‘Daisy Chain’ which dropped this week. It’s been released on Rhythm Lab Records, a label which is all about bringing together emerging Manchester artists into one project. So for this one, SUTTY was joined by talented producer and songwriter Migixhi

SUTTY has experienced quite a classical music background. She’s a flutist, taught herself to play the piano, and has been writing music for years. All of these have helped her grasp a technical understanding of music.  

‘Daisy Chain’ is a smooth electronic R&B number which navigates the heartache of losing someone you love and moving forward.  

Have a listen to all these releases plus more on our New Manchester Music Spotify playlist. 

Featured image: The KTNA by KENNY OGUNNEYE


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