A look inside the long-awaited Archie’s at Piccadilly Station


Archie’s unmistakeable pink branding crept into the windows of a vacant lot on Piccadilly Station approach in 2018.

Hundreds of customers have been peering through the glass to look for signs of life inside, but the doors have always remained tightly shut.

Why? Because Archie's has been in transition. It's not the same company it was 24 months ago.

Since the Piccadilly site was first announced, the burger and shakes brand has completed its transformation from a niche favourite into an all-star celebrity hangout.


A-listers like Kevin Hart, The Game, Rita Ora, Odell Beckham and Connor McGregor have all been snapped slurping shakes inside the venue. Champion fighter Floyd Mayweather enjoyed his visit so much he decided to take the concept back to his side of the pond.

As Archie's achieved newfound recognition around the world, plans for the Piccadilly Station approach shop became bigger, better, bolder and more ambitious.

But now, it’s nearly ready.

After two long years lying dormant, the brand new Archies is a few days away from opening its doors.

First glance suggests it’s been worth the wait.


Their delicious diner-style food and drink might be what’s gotten them this far, but Archie's is offering much more than just grub in their new venue.

Sure, the Piccadilly site has all the dazzling salmon-pink decor, fifties-style booths, towering burgers, and creamy milkshakes that you'd expect.

But it’s also got a ball pit with inflatables, a photo wall, a banana swing, balcony seating and a DJ spinning records on designated days.

There's even plans to install a selfie camera on the ceiling - with all photos downloadable from the Archie’s website!

This isn’t just a burger joint. It’s a full-blown, fast food playground.

The largest of any existing sites, Piccadilly Archie's will be the only restaurant offering hot drinks including tea, herbal tea, coffees and hot chocolate.

There’s a brand new exclusive breakfast menu coinciding with the ribbon-cutting, too - which will include breakfast burgers, breakfast pancakes and porridge pots.


Archie’s Piccadilly has been the most talked-about burger spot in the city for some time, and there's set to be more in-store than many could have hoped for.

But, incredibly, it’s not the only new Archie's opening in 2020.

As part of a huge expansion into new territory, the brand is also launching two more similarly interactive, fun-filled food locations in the Trafford Centre and Manchester Airport later in the year.

Keeping up with the pace of Archie's these days is a challenge, but you can do your best by visiting their website and following them on Twitter.

Here are some more images of the new spot...


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