A Manchester dessert cafe has created these amazing Biscoff Scotch Eggs

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 1st April 2022

A dessert cafe in Manchester is selling special sweet Scotch eggs ahead of Easter, swapping sausage meat for Biscoff.

Created by Kendra Groves, the newly-landed head baker at Black Milk Cereal, the sweet treats resemble a hearty handful of Scotch egg but inside, conceal a much sweeter surprise.

Created especially for the Easter period, these genius little treats give the seasonal Cadbury mainstay quite the glow up – in the most Northern fashion possible.

Comprised of Lotus Biscoff cake mix, white chocolate, and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg with its glossy signature runny ‘yolk’ intact, the ultra-indulgent delight is topped off with a Biscoff crumb to give it that out-of-the-pub-fridge look we all secretly crave.

Simply put, we need them in our life – and we feel like you probably do too.


Available from Black Milk’s Northern Quarter site from now right up to Easter, the sweet Scotch Eggs can be enjoyed to eat in or takeaway from £5.95.

Of course, they’re not the only treats available here – far from it.


Head down to the Northern Quarter and, alongside the quirky new Easter specials, you’ll also find old Black Milk favourites like their famous chocolate and cake-laden milkshakes, sundaes and icecream covered pancake stacks.

The new Cookie Loaves at Black Milk. This is the Kinderella flavour, filled with Nutella and Black Milk’s very own Hazelnut spread. / Image: Black Milk Cereal
Head baker Kendra Groves has recently moved from Australia to take over the kitchen at Black Milk Cereal. / Image: Wild Child Cakes

And that’s not all. You’ll also stumble across some new creations too.

Think cookie loaves, Biscoff lamingtons (vanilla sponge filled with Biscoff spread and covered in toasted coconut, Biscoff and white chocolate icing), Orea crater cookies, edible flower cupcakes and more – all creations of newcomer Kendra.


An award-winning pastry chef, Kendra has been busy since she landed from Queensland, Australia, creating wild and wacky bakes and we’re absolutely here for it.

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Previously, she ran her own bespoke cake business Wild Child Cakes back home – baking up .some crazily Instagrammable and colourful creations, decorated with everything from ‘drunken Barbies’ clutching miniature bottles of Absolut vodka, to festive dragons and gnomes

Now, it seems she’s making quite the impression on Manchester with her epic bakes and we can absolutely see why.

Keep the wacky creations coming, that’s what we say.

Feature image – Black Milk Cereal