A post lockdown list of things to do in the Greater Manchester area

When everything does return to normal, there are surely some things you will want to tick off your bucket list.

The Manc The Manc - 21st July 2021

The coronavirus outbreak has caused many countries and states around the world to initiate a lockdown. But with the vaccine being administered to people gradually, we expect everything to go back to normal sooner or later.

When everything does return to normal, there are surely some things you will want to tick off your bucket list. This article will discuss a list of things you can do in the Manchester area post lockdown.

Take In All The Countryside of Manchester

North of the city of Manchester, you will find nothing less than 500 sq mi of electrifying countryside that you can explore once the lockdown is over. From historical waterways to picturesque towns, there is plenty of attraction in the city’s countryside.

For example, in Wigan, there is the Country Park and Haigh Hall that has canal towpaths and up to 40 miles of woodland trails. Another highlight in the countryside is the elegant Dovestone Reservoir. It takes around an hour to walk around, and you’ll also see the scenic Pennine village of Saddleworth.


Visit Chinatown

Another interesting place worth visiting in Manchester city after the lockdown is Chinatown. It is the second-largest in the UK, and several things make the place stand out. There are numerous quality restaurants with a wide range of great meals that will treat your tastebuds to delight.


The annual Chinese New Year festival, held in February, is also one of the major highlights in Chinatown. It features the dancing dragon famous parade as well as other notable events.

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Head Out To A Beer Garden


If you love nature and enjoy drinking beer, a visit to a beer garden in Manchester should be on your list of things to do post lockdown. There are a couple of amazing beer gardens in the city with spectacular views.

While indoor hospitality is gradually coming back up and running, many people will undoubtedly prefer hanging out outdoors, and a beer garden is a great choice for this. It will give you a chance to soak in some vitamin D while also enjoying a few pints.

Some of the notable beer gardens in the city include White Hart in Lydgate, Eagle and Child in Ramsbottom and Worsley Old Hall in Worsley.


Although the coronavirus outbreak has forced many cities into lockdown, we are hopeful that everything will return to normal soon. If you’re in Manchester city or planning to visit, we’ve highlighted a few things you can consider doing post lockdown. You can explore the countryside, where you can see picturesque towns, waterways and other spots of attraction.

Besides that, you can visit Chinatown where you can enjoy great meals at the restaurants. You can also head out to a beer garden and enjoy some nice views as you drink some pints of beer. Whatever you decide to do after the lockdown, make sure you have some fun.