A sign warning of hiked price ‘household items’ has been spotted in a Manchester SPAR


“I will be boycotting Manchester’s Spar stores from now on”

In the wake of Covid-19, a sign has been spotted stating that ‘prices are HIGHER than price marked packets states, on the high demand household items’.

Posted on Reddit, the sign was found in a Spar branch in Manchester, although it has not been confirmed which one, and has led shoppers to suggest they should be ‘boycotting’ Spar

One Reddit user expressed their anger stating: “I hope the government come down hard on those companies which are inflating the prices on household items and food due to the Coronavirus”.


According to BBC News, UK retailers have been warned that they face prosecution if they exploit the coronavirus scare to hike prices for products such as hand sanitisers and face masks.

It has been reported that some stores have hiked prices up by a maximum of 2,629%.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has told suppliers their actions are being monitored and they must act responsibly going forward.

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