Aitch helps hand out Christmas presents and supplies to Manc families with local community-driven fashion brand Drama Call

We look around and all we see is a bunch of absolute legends.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 20th December 2023

Manchester-based fashion brand Drama Call invited along Manc music star Aitch to help them pass out early Christmas presents and supplies to local families this week.

As part of their final winter giveback event of 2023 dubbed, ‘The Big Drama’, thriving fashion label Drama Call put boots and wheels on the ground on Tuesday night to hand out hundreds of freebies to those in need throughout the community.

Enlisting the help of plenty of volunteers, the Moston-born rapper and a fleet of vans packed with everything from his drink brand SYPS, Christmas turkeys from Zouk and even a shed load of PlayStation 5s, Drama Call helped spread some extra festive cheer out on the streets and in person.


Setting up outside of Old Trafford Sports Barn near Seymour Park, just down the road from the Trafford Bar tram stop, the heartwarming handout of valuable supplies and gifts went directly into the hands of those who otherwise couldn’t afford to give their families everything they want/need this holiday season.


Starting from 6pm onwards, those involved passed out PS5s to wide-eyed little kids, big joints of meat to parents looking to make sure no one goes hungry this Christmas, Adidas trainers, nappies, toys and more.

Founded by Charlie Bows and having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, the brand has carried countless community-driven and led activations across Greater Manchester and the team prides themselves not only on being “made in Manny” but also on being much “deeper than clothes”.


They say they have been overwhelmed by the flood of messages thanking them for the touching gesture. You only had to spot the look on the faces of the mums, children and all those who turned up to see how much it meant to everyone, especially at this time of year.

Seeing little ones made up is making us well up.

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It isn’t the first time Aitch has shown his charitable side either, having taken part in a charity skydive on behalf of Down Syndrome awareness earlier this year.

As for Drama Call, this is their bread and butter: they’re all about encouraging other brands to use their platform for the greater good and make an impact in their local communities. Alfie Wheeler of Arumba Cokctails, who also chipped in on the event, said in a LinkedIn post that it was “personally the best night of my life… spirits were high, vibes spot on and some of the reactions/smiles were priceless.”


Committed to much more than just flogging any old thread with a logo on, this was just the latest in a long line in a series of similar events and clearly brought joy during what is often such a difficult period for so many.

Well done to everyone who took part in spreading some positivity this December and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

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