Ancoats residents step in to clear mess left behind by bank holiday revellers


Residents of Ancoats have been working together with restaurants and police to clear piles of litter left behind by crowds of people on bank holiday Monday.

Images and videos surfaced on social media yesterday showing dozens of people congregating in Cutting Room Square, sparking concerns from viewers after there appeared to be a visible lack of social distancing.

Hundreds of items – including bottles, cans, food packages and laughing gas canisters – remained at the scene after the sun went down.

A number of large groups were seen gathering together in close proximity throughout the afternoon, whilst one image shared on Twitter also appeared to show people urinating in doorways.

Members of staff at NAM Restaurant, police officers and residents of the surrounding community ventured into the square once the revellers had departed to clear the mess.

Posting pictures on Twitter, user @VictoriaShawMCR wrote: “Ancoats has been invaded by THE most antisocial group of kids I’ve ever seen in my life, there was 100s of them at one point. Cocaine. Balloons. Beer. Pissing on the Hallé, again. How do we stop this.”

Representatives of Hallé St Peter’s – a rehearsal space based in the area – has said the venue is contact with both Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to “avoid a repeat in the future.”


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