Britain heading for hottest spring on record with Easter temperatures hitting 24°C


Something to look forward to.

Many holidaymaking Brits have been left devastated over recent flight cancellations and travel bans amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but it’s looking like we may not have to worry too much about the lack of sun.

According to forecast predictions, Britain looks set to be heading for the hottest spring on record.

The Met Office said there is a “relatively high probability” of well-above average temperatures over the three months of spring, with “pleasantly warm days” due over Easter.

Temperatures are even expected to hit highs of 16°C over the next week or so in some parts of the country.


The current highest recorded spring temperature is 22.8°C on 5th April 1892 at the Cambridge Observatory, but temperatures this year are predicted to potentially hit 24°C, which would smash the 127 year long record.

Following this, we could also be seeing a stretch of sunny spells until June.

With so much rain and widespread flooding across the country over the winter, this news is sure to be a welcomed change for most Britons.

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