Burglars have been raiding Eccles homes whilst pretending to check water pressure

Monton Lane, Eccles / Google

Police are warning homeowners in Eccles to exercise caution following a recent spate of burglaries by a pair of cunning thieves in the area.

According to officers, a male has been going door to door in Monton Lane armed with a clipboard and fake ID badge, asking to check water pressure levels.

Whilst the resident is distracted, a second man has been entering the premises and taking items from inside.

Police are now asking neighbours to “warn family and friends” to help prevent the burglars from striking again.


A statement from GMP Eccles reads: “Please be advised that distraction burglaries are taking place in the Monton Lane, Eccles area.

“A lone male with a clipboard and fake ID badge has knocked on a number of properties asking to check their water pressure.

“Once inside the property a second male has snuck into the house and has stolen money, whilst the home owner is distracted.”

Police are still attempting to identify the persons responsible and investigations are ongoing.


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