The Manc - How this Greater Manchester choir for bad singers has changed people's lives"

How this Greater Manchester choir for bad singers has changed people’s lives

The Tuneless Choir

If we’re left alone long enough with our own thoughts, human nature takes its course. We start singing.

It’s a curious reflex, but bursting into song is often beneficial.

It manages to keep us in the right frame of mind in almost any situation - distracting us from our surroundings or adding colour to a memory.

Singing makes the mundane tasks more manageable, the scary stuff less stressful, and the good moments glow brighter.

The only problem is that not all of us were blessed with the ability to hit those high notes. Belting out our favourite tunes at maximum volume might strike a chord with our own emotions, but it only serves to touch a nerve of our friends and family.

What we hear is great, but for others it's grating.

That’s what makes The Tuneless Choir such a curious little society. They don’t cringe at tone-deaf vocalists; they actually welcome clumsy singers with open arms. If you can’t ever seem to hit the right note, you’re a perfect fit for membership.


Designed “for those who love singing but lack the ability, practice or confidence to do so”, the first Tuneless Choir singing group was formed back in 2016. Now there are more than two dozen across the country - one right here in our own backyard.

Local mother Gemma Cunliffe, alongside friend Sarah Wheeler, set up the Oldham brand following the loss of her partner - and the group has served as both an essential outlet and support group in particularly dark times.

Dozens of other members have similar stories. The Tuneless Choir is their safe space - and one where everyone is always happy.

Oldham Chronicle

Meeting fortnightly at The Cotton Rooms on Rock Street, the group has amassed more than fifty members in just five months. But despite the large attendances, they're still encouraging people to come on down to join in.

“No pressure, no judgment, just confidence-boosting fun and a great atmosphere,” the Tuneless Choir promise.

It's perhaps the only place you're free to sing in your own style - no matter how off-key that might be.

Learn more about the amazing choir that's changing lives by visiting their website.

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