Council allocates an extra £6m funding to supporting Manchester’s ‘most vulnerable’

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Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th May 2024

An extra £6 million in funding has been allocated to supporting some of the ‘most vulnerable’ residents and families across Manchester.

Since the cost of living crisis first emerged and began to make an impact, with the effects continuing to be felt by millions nationwide – including here in Greater Manchester – to this day, Manchester City Council says “a huge amount of resource has been dedicated to “mitigating some of its worst impacts” within the city-region.

But now, the local authority is set to take its support one step further.

Through the latest round of the Government-funded Household Support Fund (HSF), an additional £6 million has been allocated by the Council so it can continue to “provide aid for those most at risk”.

£3 million of the funding will go towards the continuation of free school meals for families in Manchester – which currently covers an estimated 44,000 children via a £15 weekly payment during the summer half term, and a £55 payment during the summer holiday.


On top of this, around £100,000 has been allocated for the ‘Holiday Activity Fund’, which provides free activities and days out for children during the summer.

Direct financial support for at-risk groups, including households in receipt of Council Tax Support and care leavers, has also been allocated, and finally, additional funding will also be directed to third party agencies that offer support and advice on a range of issues, as well as the Council’s ‘Food Response’ scheme delivered in partnership with over 40 food organisations.

Manchester City Council has allocated an extra £6m funding to supporting Manchester’s ‘most vulnerable’ residents / Credit: Manchester City Council

“The ongoing cost of living crisis has been an incredibly difficult experience for thousands of people living in Manchester,” commented Councillor Joanna Midgley, who is the Deputy Leader of Manchester City Council.

“It has deepened already existing inequalities, which is why as an organisation we are committed to doing everything in our power to prevent people from slipping into poverty, and alleviating its worst effects for people living on its edge.”

Cllr Midgley is also urging anyone who finds themselves struggling to contact the Council “as soon as” they can.


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“The sooner we can intervene, the sooner we can bring people back from the brink,” she concluded.

Featured Image – Manchester City Council (via Twitter)