Paramedic pushed off bike after anti-social mob of 150 people descended on Manchester

A massive dispersal order was introduced yesterday.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th May 2023

Police put Manchester under strict orders over the bank holiday weekend after a 150-strong crowd descended on the city centre. 

The group were engaging in anti-social behaviour, with officers called after a paramedic was pushed off his bike in broad daylight, at around 3.45pm on Sunday. Thankfully, he was uninjured. 

The group of 150 people then crossed over the tram tracks at Exchange Square, causing disruption, and entered the Arndale centre. 

Here, several individuals were spraying the walls and windows in the busy shopping centre. 

Extra officers were deployed to the city centre and a man was detained on suspicion of causing damage and taken into custody. 


GMP implemented a massive dispersal order which ended at midnight, in a bid to curb the anti-social behaviour. 

The Section 35 Dispersal Order covered a huge area including the Northern Quarter, Manchester Victoria, the Arndale, and Piccadilly Gardens. 


The order allows police to exclude a person or people from an area for up to 48 hours through a written notice. 

Superintendent Nicola Williams said: “On occasion, we have problems with people coming into the city centre and engaging in anti-social behaviour and the police are taking decisive action to stop this.

“Members of the public who live, visit or come into the city to work should not have to witness this behaviour or be put at risk. Today, my officers have had bottles thrown at them and this is totally unacceptable.


“The Dispersal Order means we will serve anyone who is taking part in this disturbing behaviour, notice to leave our City and they won’t be allowed to return for at least 48 hours.”

Featured image: Google Maps