Drug dealer leaves behind £62,000 worth of cocaine at JD Sports

Samuel Wiki/Wikimedia Commons

A dealer has been jailed after visiting a sports store with 779 grams of cocaine and forgetting to take his drugs home with him.

Thomas Newsome, 23, brought a carrier bag containing £62,000 of high purity Class A powder into JD Sports in Leeds as he shopped for shoes, but accidentally left the store without it.

Realising his mistake, Newsome returned shortly afterwards to retrieve his supply, but the bag had already been discovered by staff, who contacted police.

mTaylor848/Wikimedia Commons

After failing to find his stash, Newsome hopped into a taxi with his friend - only for officers to track him down and make an arrest.

Police also found text messages on Newsome’s phone that connected him to drug dealing.

He pled guilty to possession with intent to supply, and was jailed for five years and four months.

Samuel Wiki/Wikimedia Commons

Detective Sergeant Rob Kennerley, of Leeds District Crime Team, commented:

“I’m sure he will since have reflected that there may have been a better time to go shopping for trainers.”

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