FA to speak with Manchester United following homophobic chanting

It is simply unacceptable.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 9th January 2023

The FA is set to speak with Manchester United following homophobic chanting heard during their 3-1 victory over Everton in the third round of the FA Cup on Friday.

The homophobic chant was directed at Everton manager Frank Lampard and revolved around his former club Chelsea. It is sadly a chant that has been rife in English football for some time.

Responding to reports, the Football Association said: “We strongly condemn the use of the term and we are determined to drive it out of our game.” As for United, they declared that the abuse simply “has no place in football”.

Rainbow Devils, United’s official LGBTQ+ Supporters Club, declared: “We strongly condemn the taunting of Frank Lampard with the illegal and homophobic chant from a section of our fans and call for the club to take action.

They went on to urge the club “to do everything in their power to identify the culprits and deal with them in the strongest possible manner.”


The FA have also said they will speak to relevant authorities before deciding what course of action to take. They are also said to be investigating instances of the infamous chant allegedly being used during Manchester City’s game against Chelsea on Sunday.

Back in January 2022, the Crown Prosecution Service rightly categorised the chant as a homophobic slur and said fans caught singing it during matches will be prosecuted for committing a hate crime.


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Homophobic chanting relating to Chelsea has occurred numerous times this season and was also condemned by current boss Graham Potter and the United manager Erik ten Hag when the teams met in the Premier League at Stamford Bridge earlier this season.

There have also been complaints on social media after sections of the Old Trafford crowd were heard once again singing a racist chant regarding their own ex-player, Park Ji-sung, despite the South Korean imploring them to stop back in 2021.

An FA statement read: “We stand firmly against all forms of discrimination and we are striving to ensure our game is a safe environment for all, which truly embraces diversity and challenges hateful conduct both on and off the pitch.”


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Featured Image — Flickr/Creative Commons Zero – CC0/Everton