The Manc - First glimpse inside UK’s new emergency hospital emerges on social media"

First glimpse inside UK’s new emergency hospital emerges on social media

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A video of a makeshift hospital space in the London ExCel has put the reality of COVID-19 case numbers into perspective.

Alex Woodside, a member of staff on site in the Canning Town facility, shared the footage on Facebook - revealing the enormous amount of space put aside for patients as the NHS expects thousands of new cases in the coming weeks.



Just seen this... how are people still trying to live a normal life right now? ??? this is the excel in London.4,000 beds & 2 Mortuaries. I can’t confirm but I’ve heard these are also being built in other cities too. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ben Sissman on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The video has since gone viral, with Woodside issuing a warning for viewers.

"I didn't take this virus very seriously until I saw this, this morning," the cabler says.

"We've got four thousand beds to go in, two morgues. This hall is a kilometre long."

"If you are not taking this seriously, like I wasn't, I think we really need to start."

According to the NHS, the London ExCel will be ready to house up to 500 patients from next week.


10 other large venues could also be converted into hospitals in the coming days - likely to be introduced in major in cities such as Manchester and Birmingham.

The Military are also standing by to provide additional support.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “The NHS and our Armed Forces are both world leaders in their fields, and this ambitious project is just one example of what can be achieved when they come together to help the nation.”

"The ExCeL London Centre is being refitted to take hundreds of beds with oxygen and ventilators..

"The NHS Nightingale Hospital will draw nurses, doctors and other staff from across the health service, as well as a number of military medics will also tend to patients. The majority will be NHS staff."

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