Four-time disqualified driver arrested after dreadful escape attempt from Bolton police


A wanted driver in Bolton ended up accidentally steering right into a car dealership during a dreadful escape attempt from local police earlier this week.

The individual behind the wheel – who had already been disqualified from driving on four separate occasions – tried to make a sneaky getaway when he spotted officers in the area.

Swerving his Corsa down what he believed to be a shortcut, the driver soon realised to his chagrin that he had inadvertently pulled into a car dealership.

The Greater Manchester Police Safer Roads Targeting Team swooped in to apprehend the culprit – who had absolutely nowhere left to go.

Reciting the tale on Twitter, GMP Traffic officers stated: “The driver of this Corsa tried to evade our #GMPSRTT patrol in Bolton earlier but his navigational skills led him into rear of a car dealership.

“Found to be disqualified x 4 & wanted.”

Officers also confirmed that the vehicle was seized – with prohibition issued for tinted windows and an insecure battery.

The driver was arrested and held in remand following the incident.


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